MasterKeys Pro L Review

This review is of the “Intelligent” White LED version of the Pro L, with Cherry MX Red switches.

Having reviewed a couple of more ‘enthusiast’ oriented keyboards like the Vortex Pok3r and the Happy Hacking Keyboard, it feels strange to be making such a glowing recommendation for what seems like a pretty run-of-the-mill mechanical keyboard from CoolerMaster. The simple form factor and the lack of RGB lighting on this particular model make it seem like an uninteresting update to the QuickFire series that CoolerMaster has been making for years (of which I own the Stealth model). But first impressions aren’t everything. All in all, The MasterKeys Pro L is one of the nicest store-bought keyboards I’ve owned, despite having spent a fraction of the cost for it. Keep reading to see why.

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Build Log: Ortholinear Planck (my first custom keyboard build!)

I started here: with buying the kit from Ortholinear Keyboards.

I didn’t want the aluminum housing, so I bought only the PCB and the universal top plate (which houses the switches on the keyboard).

I waited around on Massdrop for a good deal on some Gateron keyswitches, and made the decision to get the heavy, linear Gateron Blacks for use with this keyboard.I know I would be using this for work and travel, so I prioritized getting keyswitches that would be comfortable for longer periods of typing, and had the potential for quiet typing. Continue reading “Build Log: Ortholinear Planck (my first custom keyboard build!)”